About Us

Midwest Foundation Tech, Inc., was established in 2002 to provide both engineering and contractor services. The engineering side of our company provides a full range of civil and structural engineering for both commercial and residential clients. We are registered in both Ohio and California. The primary focus of our engineering is on the interface between soil and structures. We emphasize underpinning of existing structures that have settled, construction of new foundations on poor soils, retaining walls with or without tiebacks, Fortress Stabilization systems, temporary shoring, and a variety of special projects such as abutments, bridges or boardwalks.

The other half of our business is the "build" side of our engineering services. Our construction services include the installation of helical screw piles and tiebacks. We are an authorized installer for Earth Contact Products, LLC, the manufacturer of the helical screw materials. In addition, we install the other elements required for a foundation on screw piles, as required.

We are also certified installers of Fortress Stabilization Products including Carbon-Kevlar, carbon-fiber straps. These straps are used to reinforce concrete and CMU retaining walls, basement walls, beams and columns in their existing state.

Examples of our work - both engineering and helical screw piles - are located in the projects section. Under "Links" you can check out Earth Contact Products and Fortress Stabilization Systems to view videos of their installation. Contact us for further information or for a quote for your project.

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